Top Five Board Games

Top Five Rated Famous Board Games

Not only are these the five of the most famous board games of all time, these are also five of the most popular board games on the planet! Scrabble, Sorry, Battleship, Monopoly and Risk can be found in families game cupboards and trunks across the world. Some can argue that Chess and Checkers rank as #1 and #2, but we are taking into consideration the mega branding that comes along with these famous games.

Hasbro popular game "Battleship"

 #5 Battleship by Hasbro

Battleship is one of the oldest games on our list of most famous board games. It was created in 1931 by the also famous and original , Milton Bradley Company. The original Battleship game needed only a pencil and paper to play. Now a days battleship is played on an interactive board, computers and game consoles. Over 100 million copies of this game have been sold world wide since it’s creation.

Hasbro game "Risk" logo

#4 Risk by Hasbro

Risk is a 2-6 person game of world domination created by Albert Lamorisse in 1957. Risk was a strategically invented game taking advantage of the Axis vs Allie mentality the world had post World War Two era. Risk ranks as the most popular wartime game on the planet.

R&R Game Times Up Logo

#3 Times Up! by R&R Games

Times Up might have been given a few nudges towards the top because of my personal preference for the game. Time’s up is a game about the names of famous people. It has a very strategic and and entertaining play. This game focuses on historic fictional characters, writers, actors and actresses and more famous figures from around the world. This game is typically played in pairs of 2-4 teams, and, when played by the rules, is one of the best trivia type games ever!

Hasbro "Scrabble" logo

#2 Scrabble by Hasbro

Scrabble is most certainly considered one of the most popular and famous board games ever. It can be found in over 120 different countries around the globe in nearly 30 languages. Scrabble is another game by the Hasbro company although outside North America Hasbro does not own it’s trademark. Scrabble has spawned many similar word games, for example the now popular “Words With Friends” game found on many mobile devices. You can’t find many families in the United States that don’t own their own copy of Scrabble.

Parker Brothers Monopoly Logo

#1 Monopoly by Parker Brother

If even for one second you though Monopoly would not be in the list of the top 5 most popular board games ever, then you may have been living in a cave. Almost every child across the industrial world recognizes the little man popping out from the Monopoly logo. Monopoly is so big that Hasbro, the parent company of Parker Brother has yearly Monopoly tournaments with prizes totaling over $20,000.