10 Most Popular Cookie Brands

Here are 10 of the worlds most popular cookie brands and their slogans. The argument could be made to include 10 more famous cookie companies but we only have room for ten brands in this famous cookie slogan list. Before checking out the answers try taking the logo quiz here and see how well you know your cookie logos and their slogans.

Answer 1
“Good Enough Never Is” – Mrs Fields Cookies

Slogan 2
“So Moist So Delicous And So Much More” – Duncan Hines

Slogan 3
“There’s a Memory in Every Bite” – Mother’s Cookies

Slogan 4
“Made With Real Fruit!” – Fig Newtons

Slogan 5
“Simple Goodness” Nilla Waffers

Slogan 6
“Milk’s Favorite Cookie” – Oreo

Slogan 7
“Uncommonly Good” – Keebler

Slogan 8
“Unwrap A Smile” – Little Debbie

Slogan 9
“Idea’s Made Easy” – Pillsbury

Slogan 10
“They’re Outta This World!” – MoonPie