Summer Olympic Logo Collection

Summer Olympic Logo Collection

A collection of the last 23 Olympic logos. From the inception of the first actual logo / symbol used in 1924 to the upcoming games in Tokyo in 2020. Almost 100 years worth of Olympic logo history.

Fun Facts About The Olympics

  • First! Play The Summer Olympic Logo Trivia game at Guess The Logo – Here.
  • Only three cities have hosted the Olympics more than once. London (1948,2012), Los Angeles (1932,1984) and soon to be Tokyo (1964,2020).
  • Only two Olympic logos use the year of their games as part of the actual logo itself. Check out 2012 London and the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Logos.
  • Olympic Logo Artists, designers for the Olympic logo include
    • – 2020 Tokyo Olympic Logo – Japanese designer, Asao Tokoro
    • – 2008 Bejing Olympic Logo – Chinese graphic designer, Cho Chunning
    • – 1972 Munich Olympic Logo – German graphic designer, Otl Aicher
    • – 1992 Atlanta Olympic Logo – Lander Associates
    • – 2012 London Logo –Wolf Olins Consultants

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