If you are wondering to know about the “KN car” that you might be seen on the roads and really clueless about this brand then you’re on the right platform, In this blog post, you’ll get clear everything about the question in your mind “what is the KN car?”. Keep reading.

So, what exactly is the “KN Car”?

If you’ve seen car on the roads written KN alphabet on the logo then you’re getting it wrong. KN car isn’t a new company but it is the brand new logo of south korean company KIA MOTORS. Yes, you’ve heard it right, this is the brand new logo of KIA motors which was introduced in January, 2021 by Kia motors. According to some sources, this logo is designed by a German agency with a new tagline “Movement that inspires”.

KIA: Brand Overview

KIA is a South Korean automaker that was founded in 1944. The company originally produced steel tubing and bicycle parts, but it eventually began manufacturing automobiles in the 1970s. KIA Initially, KIA focused on producing small vehicles for the Korean market, but it began exporting vehicles to other countries in the 1980s.

In 1986, KIA formed a partnership with Ford, which allowed the company to start selling vehicles in the United States. Today, KIA offers a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, and SUVs. The company has also won numerous awards for its vehicles, including the North American Car of the Year and European Car of the Year. KIA is committed to providing quality vehicles at an affordable price, and it continues to expand its global reach.

Kia logo evolution: The Kia logo over the years

The Kia logo has come a long way since its inception. From a simple design, to the sleek and modern logo we know today, the Kia brand has evolved with the times. Here’s a look at how the Kia logo has changed over the years.​


The first KIA logo was a complex and strong work for its time. It had an elegant, monochrome palette that added authority to the company’s name placed inside of it as well as being framed on another diamond like shape at front side view which is what gave this design so much personality!


The company’s profile changed in the 1960s when they started manufacturing licenses for cars. The new logo featured a green circle with an upward diagonal line coming out of it and looking towards right side as if to say “you.” This design resembles what is called logos known also by Q symbol which can be seen sometimes on clothing or jewelry among other things made from materials such as leather, wood pulp etc., but this particular instance uses them specifically meant just once: upside down before being turned right Side


The KIA logo from the 1980s was a modern and stylish design. It executed thick bold lettering in custom typeface with an elegant curve line that replaced what we traditionally think of as “K” upper bar.”


The 1990s saw the foundation of KIA’s logo. A horizontally-oriented oval with a wordmark inside, it features red and white as its official colors which represent passion/energy and purity or loyalty respectively (in Korean tradition). The company also flies this design banner at every opportunity possible; you’ll find them on all vehicles including SUVs like pickup trucks – even if they’re not your typical family car!


The iconic KIA logo is a perfect example of minimalistic and straightforward design. The simple lines are bold without being complicated, while also remaining timeless through their simplicity; it has no extras but still preserves the essence of what makes this brand so great!


The 2021 redesign of the KIA logo brings a futuristic and young style to this iconic Korean automaker’s branding, by minimizing elements on their badges while still maintaining its uniqueness. The wordmark now features an expanded font that does not fit into view entirely at once; however it is made up two Cyrillic letters “К” (with vertical line) merging with one Latin letter “I” in top left point—now looking like something between Russian loanwords or signs written before 1917–and another latin letter ‘A’